SafeHaven Solutions

SafeHaven ensures physicians, PAs, and other healthcare providers can seek support for burnout, career fatigue, and mental health reasons. Our resources  help manage a variety of challenges, including behavioral health and work/life balance.

SafeHaven includes resources provided by VITAL WorkLife. This includes:

VITAL WorkLife’s team of physician and provider peer coaches help individuals sort through the wide variety of work and life issues, while also learning to communicate more effectively with coworkers, administrators or family members. The coach acts as a confidential, objective third party offering creditable, non-biased support based on their experience in facing similar challenges. Individuals can self-refer or be strongly encouraged (i.e. referred) by the organization. Up to six (6) hours of confidential coaching, per incident, can provide support in the following areas:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Effective communications and workstyles
  • Mentoring
  • Well being lifestyle changes
  • Stress and burnout management

Up to six (6) counseling sessions per incident (unique primary reason for calling) per physician and their family, either face-to-face (in a VITAL WorkLife office) or by phone, on a self-referral basis providing in-the-moment support in the following areas:

  • Stress, anxiety, depression
  • Anger issues
  • Coping with adverse events & medical malpractice
  • Family & marital/personal relationship issues
  • Parenting & Eldercare
  • Workplace conflict & relationships
  • Coping with grief & loss
  • Dealing with & planning for major life events

Free and confidential phone consultation with one of our financial counselors can help you find possible causes and solutions to your financial problems, including:

  • Budgeting: Get finances on track with a consultation and materials for personal or family budget. Determining monthly net income, expenses and coming up with a budget is usually the best place to start. Stay on top of things with credit monitoring and other tools as well.
  • Financial Planning: Whether questions arise related to retirement, investments or saving for a child’s college fund, one of our Certified Financial Planners are available to help.
  • Debt Management Programs: Ask about consolidating your debt into one, lower monthly payment, while learning ways to improve financial health.
  • Identity Theft: Comprehensive identity theft packet for clients who wish to receive it. The contents include information on preventing identity theft as well as the excellent 68-page brochure from the Federal Trade Commission, Taking Charge: What to Do If Your Identity Is Stolen.
  • Web-Based Financial Resources: Free, unlimited access to a wealth of web-based financial resources including tip sheets, worksheets, and checklists on how to create a financial plan

Daily needs or unexpected emergencies take time and can add immeasurable levels of stress. Our invaluable, extensive, telephonic, virtual concierge provides help in finding, researching and arranging for a broad range of services needed on a daily basis.

Receive unlimited support on the following services:

  • Entertainment & Leisure: restaurant reservations, theatre and concert tickets, sporting events, city and sightseeing tours and more
  • Travel arrangements: airline tickets, rental car, hotel, pet sitter and destination information for family vacations, sabbaticals or CME conferences
  • Auto services: car pick-up and delivery for repairs, vehicle detailing, and DMV services
  • Party & Event planning: venue, meeting and catering arrangements, wedding, graduations, holiday parties and more
  • Personal tasks: comparison shopping, purchasing gifts, messenger and courier, nanny and babysitting services, sports lessons
  • Home services: finding a house cleaning or property maintenance service, researching a kitchen remodel, liaison with home vendors (plumber, electrician, etc.) and more

This resource is available to your providers 24/7.

  • iPhone and Android Mobile App
  • Accessible: Well being resources available on smart phones.
  • Personalized: Set goals, discover opportunities for growth and explore ways to positively impact all dimensions of well being.
  • Engaging: Regularly connect with activities and information designed to help improve personal and professional life.

Includes a variety of functions:

  • Discovery: Learn about overall health with individual assessments such as the The Well-Being Index for Physicians (WBI), based on validated research by the Mayo Clinic; Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) and Mindfulness Attention Awareness Scale (MAAS), and assessments for each of the dimensions of well being (Physical, Professional, Relational, Financial/Legal, Spiritual, and Emotional).
  • Recommendations: Based on discovery results, learn recommended next steps toward well being.
  • Goal Setting: Establish personal goals towards well-being with reminders to stay on track.
  • Content: Continue to develop and reinforce healthy habits with timely articles to help improve dimensions of well being.

Important Benefit Reminders:

  • Peer Coaching – Connect to support from someone who really understands.
  • WorkLife Concierge – Help with time-consuming, daily tasks to improve work/life balance.