Doctor Peer Coaching is Good Medicine

Peer coaching has emerged as a valuable strategy to avoid the alarming rise in emotional exhaustion and moral injury impacting every aspect of healthcare delivery.

Experiencing compassion fatigue? You’re not alone.

The medical field often portrays physicians as invincible superheroes, with an unlimited capacity to keep going no matter the circumstances.

Investing in Physician Well Being: The Smart Business Choice

Physical health is an important contributor to well being, but it’s far from the whole story.

Seek Support in the Midst of COVID-19

SafeHaven can connect you with the resources you need – here are 20 ways to know when it’s time to reach out for help.

Well Being Resources for Residents

SafeHaven provides confidential, supportive resources for residents and their families.

Burnout is an occupational hazard we can fix…together

Burnout is no longer something medical professionals have to suffer through alone.

WorkLife Concierge

WorkLife Concierge is available anytime, day or night, to support you and your family with almost any task – event planning, auto services, appointment scheduling, errands, travel, and more.

Clinician Well Being Resources

SafeHaven supports clinicians facing a variety of work-life challenges and emotional issues.

SafeHaven Clinician Well-Being Program

Resources for you and your family members to stay well, reduce stress, promote work/life integration, and prevent burnout. See what’s included.

25 Ways to Use Your WorkLife Concierge

WorkLife Concierge, our all-purpose virtual assistant, can help you make the most of it by managing every day and special occasion tasks for you and your family.