SafeHaven seeks to assure provider confidentiality, but protections vary by state.

Find out about confidential access to mental health services in your state.

SafeHaven believes that providers should have the same guarantees of privacy owed to all.

Physicians and other healthcare providers are often concerned that the disclosure or discovery of mental health treatment could adversely affect their ability to practice—impacting their livelihood and the security of their families. As a result, some clinicians don’t get the help they need for burnout and other challenges they face in today’s healthcare environment. That’s a crisis.

We believe healthcare providers should benefit from the same privacy protections afforded to their patients. That’s why we work with medical societies and provider associations to secure legislation supporting access to mental health services with greater confidentiality assurances.

Certain states offer additional legal protections to providers regarding:

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)



Don’t see your state? We can help!

Bring legal protections to your state for the confidentiality of providers seeking mental health support services. SafeHaven can assist in liaising with changemakers where you live.

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