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Physicians, PAs, and other clinicians are taking care of people every day. But who is taking care of them? SafeHaven provides clinicians with resources to stay well, avoid burnout, and connect to their purpose.

SafeHaven legal protections in Georgia provide:

Independence: GA HB455 establishes legal protections for a professional program which addresses issues related to burnout by covered clinicians.

Reporting: The SafeHaven law gives more professional discretion to the provider on when to report to the board. All participants of SafeHaven are protected from reporting unless they are a danger to themselves or others.

Privileged Communications: Consultations under SafeHaven are considered privileged communications and do not pose a risk to a clinician’s medical license, except in the case of extraordinary circumstances.

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Georgia Legal Protections

GA HB455, Georgia’s SafeHaven law, protects information, including proceedings, minutes, records, reports, and communications, both written and oral, originating in SafeHaven as privileged.

This protection means that such information or communications may not be disclosed or produced in a legal proceeding absent an order from a circuit court judge showing “good cause arising from extraordinary circumstances.”