ABOUT SafeHaven™

SafeHaven™ was founded in 2020 after recognizing a greater need to provide health care teams the support they need to stay well and prevent burnout.

As of 2021, the SafeHaven™ protections have been extended through additional legislation to now include nurses and pharmacists; as well as medical, nursing, PA, and pharmacy students.

How does SafeHaven™ address confidentiality?

SafeHaven™ is a confidential resource for healthcare practitioners seeking help to address career fatigue and other mental health issues. The law protects information, including proceedings, minutes, records and reports; and communications, written and oral, originating in SafeHaven™ as privileged. This protection means that such information or communications may not be disclosed or produced in a legal proceeding absent an order from a circuit court judge showing “good cause arising from extraordinary circumstances.”

Don’t see SafeHaven™ in your state yet?

SafeHaven™ is expanding to new states and organizations quickly. If you’d like information on bringing SafeHaven™ to your team, let us know here.